So Long Harry

to me

I started this journal back in 2004 and began it with loving messages to my friends. Some have come and gone, some with malice and some with none... and others have grown closer. Incredibly close, and I treasure them dearly.
It's time to start treasuring myself.

So with that said, it seems fitting to close this journal by writing myself a message. I'll keep it short and sweet. There's no need to reflect too hard on everything, it's all right here.

So, Mikayla... Despite the place you are in life, and how this may not be the close to this journal you expected... Remember one thing as you begin anew:

be proud of who you are
be proud of who you were
be proud of who you'll be
So Long Harry

The Time of the Doctor.

Now Moffat and I have had our differences, and the episode wasn't perfect, but...

The crack in the wall, the final speech, and the ending with Amelia Pond?

Just perfect.

Way to come full circle, Moffat.

That graphic from before? A spoiler, but I had no idea. I thought it was just a pretty random graphic. So imagine my surprise when Amy came back.
I'd like to think the crack allowed her to come back, if even just for a second.

I cannot stop sobbing.
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