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28 August 2008 @ 03:36 pm
Writer's Block: Spirits  
Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever encountered one?
As Agent Mulder would say: I want to believe. I watch Ghost Hunters and I keep my mind wide open. As sad as it would be if I saw a ghost I would be thrilled. Proof. Evidence. An after life. Below, above, somewhere--There would still be something after I died. Also, I say sad because I've been told ghosts are sometimes (most of the time) trapped souls that can't (or are afraid to) go to heaven or hell. I think I would do my best to help the ghost (if they were a good person) if they needed my help.

Have I ever seen a ghost? No, but I've had strange experiences. My hero is Cononel Robert Gould Shaw of the 54th MA. For those of you who don't know he was a Colonel in the American Civil War that led the first African American regiment. He died at Fort Wagner shortly after getting married. If you know nothing about him check this out. Also, there is a movie called Glory based off him and his men.

Anyways onto the strange experiences. During a stressful time in my life I was laying in my bed, listening to my ipod, and crying. My brother was leaving for college and I was going to miss him. Along with that there were other things stressing me out. I whispered or thought to myself: I could really use a friend, Shaw. The next song to come onto my iPod was from the movie Glory. My ipod was on random and there was no way I could have known it was going to come on. Not only that but the song was called 'Brave Words Braver Deeds'. I layed in bed. Shocked. This happened a few other times with different songs and different emotions.

There was also one time when I went to Antietim: A battle site where Colonel Shaw escaped death. I was wandering around and at the time I had no idea he had been there. Or I had forgotton. My father called me over to the information desk because he asked about Shaw. It turned out that I was standing probably right where Shaw and his men would have been standing.

There was another time where I actually had a dream. I saw Shaw and he was sobbing and I rushed over and hugged him. We were on a raft of some sort or something and I kept asking him what I could do. What was wrong? I woke up without an answer. I grabbed my ipod and opened it to the Glory soundtrack. Then I looked away and let my thumb go crazy on the controls. I pressed the button when I was ready and the song 'After Antietim' came on. Shaw nearly died in that battle. So I asked him what I could do for him if this was actually happening. I have to admit I want to believe but I am a bit of a skeptic. I want and need evidence. Anyways, I offered him one of my senior wallet sized photos. At the time I had no idea he collected pictures. I just thought it might be nice because I had pictures of him in the book of his letters. I had four pictures and I layed them down on the book of his letters that I own. I told him to pick one and I went to sleep. The next morning my alarm clock went off. I will admit that I flailed my arm around to try and find my alarm clock and the book and pictures were near it. When I turned on my light though only one picture remained on top of the book.

This summer I went to where he died: Fort Wagner. Nothing extremely super natural happened but I did feel a stronger bond with him. I can honestly say he's not just my hero he's one of my best friends. I finnished the book of his letters and as thanks I wrote him some of my own and tossed them, along with some pictures, into the ocean.

Oh, and if you were wondering the book of his letters is called The Blue Eyed Child Of Fortune. It was in there that I learnt that he collected photographs and other things that had us bond.

So do I believe in ghosts? I want to believe. Do I believe in spiritual connections? I think so.
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