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Writer's Block: Talking Ducks

Happy birthday, Donald Duck! Which cartoon character do you think is the most disturbing?


Not going to lie. They weirded me out unless they were singing Happy Happy Joy Joy.

He always disgusted me.

Not going to lie-- He and Patrick are pretty fucked up.

Okay not THEM but one of their villians called Queen Bea. She was a weird SOB.

They were weird but not as weird as the old dude who would like... pick fights with them. o_o;

Does he count?

He made me get a little sick every time I saw him.

Courage was okay... but dude wtf was wrong with his owners? Eustace was a fucking dick and got joy out of abusing a puppy and Muriel just like... let it happen-- and took some abuse herself! She shoulda left him. Even so... I liked this show. O_o;

and he was just a creeper.

I mean look at him he's like a cartoon Donnie Phaster

But, I think the winner is...

He is just the scariest mother fucker in the world.
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