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Hogwarts: A Memoir

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.



Name: Mikayla [ミケイラ ; マケラ・マツ]
Nickname: Mikky, Kayla, Kay/K, Kaykay/KK
Icon/Graphic/Etc... Journal: splurgethunks
Maintainer of: aeriscult, teadrinkers404
Married to: rikuxsora at marry_a_ljuser
DOB: May 24th 1990
Age: 21
Eyes: Green-blue
Hair: Brown
Height: Around 5'7ish
Hero?: Colonel Robert Gould Shaw
Other Idols/Inspirations: Matthew Shepard, The Ironed Jawed Angels (Alice Paul, and Lucy Burns), and Hellen Keller
Friends only?: Yes, for personal reasons.
  • princess for the lovely mood theme that she made.
  • Layout credit goes to fuesch
  • {Special thanks to serria and je_suis_kristi for translating my name in kanji and katana respectively. :) Love you guys!}

    Hi~! My name is Mikayla! n_n I'm 21 and a 'junior' (transfer student) at Elmhurst College! I'm and English Major, with a focus on creative writing. It is my dream to someday write a novel, screen play, or what have you as compelling as Harry Potter, Final Fantasy VII, Dragon Age-- and all of the other amazing stories in the world.

    I love anime, manga, and fandoms all around. I support gay marriage and I am pansexual! Various topics (both serious and silly) and aspects of my life will be posted here, and if you don't like it... leave?

    My journal is friends only due to personal reasons. :x But if you wanna friend me comment on the friends only entry in my journal, and gimme a good reason why you wanna be friends. :D


    Roleplaying, cosplaying, making layouts/graphics/etc, Band/Playing my flute, hanging out with friends, making hysterical spoofs, daydreaming, drawing, writing short stories/fanfiction/poetry/drabbles, making music videos, making graphics, tumblring...


    Harry Potter, Dragon Age, Red Vs Blue, Avatar The Last Air Bender, Yu Yu Hakusho, FFVII Saga (FFVII, AC, DoC, etc), FFX/X-2, FFVIII, Kingdom Hearts I and II, the X-files, Seinfeld, Invader Zim, The Da Vinci Code, 24, House, The Outsiders, Anime (Sailor Moon, Rurouni Kenshin, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Card Captor Sakura, Tenchi saga (Muyo, Universe, etc..) Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, etc) Music (Band: Flute+Marching, Other: Angels and Airwaves, JPOP, Celine Dion, Video Game Soundtracks + Anime Soundtracks, etc etc I'm not picky!)